Liberate me

Concept, DOP & Direction Shekhar Naik
Poetic Words Raju Sutar
Music Kedar Divekar
Edit Santosh Gothoskar
Sound Design Dhananjay Sathe
Voiceover, Vocals & Subtitles Swapna Pataskar
Camera Equipment Pramod Damare
Location Varanasi (UP-India)
Post Studio Media Works
Special Thanks Monika Borse, Pramod Damare

English,Hindi | 00:09:51 | 4K resolution | 2017

River said let me liberate you
liberate you from Need
from Greed….
River says will you liberate me
liberate me from Need
from Greed….
The film is about river Ganga at Varanasi and its relation between rituals and the current state of water. This is a latest account and the reality on the ‘Ghats’ and the river. This film is an effort to sensitize the viewer through visuals and also an endeavor to voice and express from the rivers perspective. It is an effort to question the believe system and blind faith in taking everything literally, which was once emerged as concepts to respect the elements.
Poetic words, a voice of river written by contemporary artist Raju Sutar.

The film aims to make us think and take some extraordinary steps as a country and as an individual.